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I'm a passionate developer, entrepreneur, and general technology enthusiast living in Nairobi. I creates websites and apps for startups and businesses, turning their ideas into functional digital solutions and profitable businesses.

4+ years of experience
4+ years of experience

I'm your all-in-one project solution

Experience the advantage of an all-inclusive project solution, where excellence, speed, and responsiveness converge to ensure the highest quality outcome.

  • Excellence

    I take pride in doing things well. All client work is done with the best quality possible.

  • Speed

    I am a hard worker and efficient and I strive to meet project deadlines.

  • Responsiveness

    Clients can rely on me to be responsive and clear while working together.

Years of experience
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The tools I use on my day-to-day
Tailwind CSS

My Services

Here is what I can help you with

Web,Mobile & SaaS Applications

I specialize in building custom web and mobile applications tailored to the specific requirement of the user while considering user experience,scalability,and security.

Website Development

Build beautiful and fast loading websites while incorporating search engine optimization (SEO) best practices.

React Development

Using React I focus on delivering tailored web applications with a strong emphasis on user experience, functionality, and maintainability.

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Development

Designing and coding smart contracts and decentralized applications(Dapps)

Maintain Cloud Infrastructure

I provides expertise in leveraging cloud computing services from major providers by carrying out Cloud architecture design and setup for optimal performance and cost efficiency while also offering migration services to move existing applications to the cloud.

Node.JS Development

Offer end-to-end application development using Node.js, encompassing both server-side and client-side development while building robust and secure RESTful API's.

Check out my latest work

My goal is to create effective digital experiences that make people’s lives easier and better. I hope my work is a reflection of this.

Custom Website

Full stack Nextjs Ecommerce App

I Developed A fullstack Ecommerce Website using Nextjs13, Postgress, Prisma and Tailwind css

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Full stack Nextjs Ecommerce App
Custom Website

Fundi Kipusa

I helped Fundi Kipusa cbo develop a new website and improved their online presence.

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Fundi Kipusa
Custom Website

Kenya Coffee Events

I helped Kenya Coffee develop a new website and improved their online presence.

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Kenya Coffee Events
Custom Website

MERN Stack Admin Dashboard with Material UI and Recharts

I Developed A fullstack Dashboard Using The Mern Stack

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MERN Stack Admin Dashboard with Material UI and Recharts

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